A “recovered perfectionist”, I discovered the liberating power of crooked lines, imperfect folds, misshapen paper cranes…

I now embrace my own sloppiness and focus my energy not on being perfect but on the act of creating and what I want to say.

I fold sloppy(ori)gami, draw, carve and print in my own imperfect way.

My universe is my own, it is full of Japanese paper, random bits and pieces of cardboard, creatures from the past and from the future, paper airplanes, robots and clowns…


Karine Rupp-Stanko

P.O.B. : L’Arbresle, France.

Favorite place on Earth: Tokyo, Japan.

Current P.O.R. : Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Other Qualifications : Mother, Lover, Friend, Translator, Teacher, Cook, Traveler, Knitter.

Ikea catalogue tropical flower