Stage fright

Karine Rupp-Stanko is literary translator and paper artist who creates printed and folded pieces that explore the most ephemeral and fragile aspects of our natural and social ecosystems.

An educator at heart, she also holds “social folding” performances at community events in Saint Paul and Minneapolis on themes related to the environment and food justice.

The guiding principles at the heart of her work are :


Paper folding is a process that engages most our senses and is tied to cherished childhood memories.

The feel of the paper grain under the fingers. The rustling sound produced by each fold. The kaleidoscopic changes of pattern and colors as one gradually transforms the original sheet of paper…

Hoping to never lose sight of the creative treasures of those early years, Rupp-Stanko creates from a place of play, in a spontaneous and instinctive manner.




When repeating the same sequence of folds, over and over again, possibilities of variation within repetition become apparent.

Rupp-Stanko wants to keep exploring these possibilities and to challenge the limits of junk mail and cheap paper ads as her primary folding material — a widespread and commonplace product of our consumerist economy.

Ikea catalogue tropical flower

Thank you, Ikea catalogue, for the brightly colored sheets of paper!


The years Rupp-Stanko spent studying linguistics shaped the way she thinks of her work, not as an object, but as an act of language.

The finished product is rarely meant to last. It is an expression of an ephemeral poetic force and it has one purpose:

To help the public understand, embrace and celebrate our fragile ecosystems (natural, social and built).


Catch-a-breath, an installation for MadeHereMN 2017


P.O.B. : L’Arbresle, France.

Current P.O.R. : Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Other Qualifications : Japanese to French translator, Mother, Lover, Friend, Teacher, Gardener, Cook, Traveler, Knitter.