What’s in a name ?


Negative 14 Fahrenheit.     (Windchill -26) Yeah!!

2018 has been the coldest year of my life.

It is only January… yet the statement is true.

Fifteen days have passed since New Year, twelve of them below zero (Fahrenheit) and I have spent way too many hours inside.

I have accepted a lot of translating jobs, which keeps my idle time to a minimum. However, between two pages of Ajin : Semi-Human (gruesome) and a chapter of Doctor Stone (plain silly) I still find myself pondering on deep metaphysical questions like :

Why can’t I grow my Instagram audience? 

((I started posting on Instagram 9 months ago but still haven’t got 100 followers.  Something must be wrong with me. Seriously.))

After several days of intense rumination, I thought I had it figured out : I had to change my name. My handle name, that is.

“Karinepetitspapiers” was too long, too French, too blah…

So I picked something more… English : The Folding Bee.

I have described myself as a (paper) folding bee in the past, when tackling large origami projects like “Catch-a-breath”. I’ve always liked the phrase. So it is full of hope and certain it would make a difference that I launched my new name.


The Folding Bee, in her paper hive

Hélas ! Not only did I confuse greatly those of my followers who don’t speak any English, I actually lost a few.

“I don’t know you anymore! “ (actor slams the door – leaves the stage)

I had lost followers once before. Distant family members who did not appreciate my going “full-on art work” as in : “no more family pictures”.

What I learned from that is that you shouldn’t open an account without a clear plan in mind. Most people don’t like abrupt changes of direction. They like to know what’s going on, what to expect.

That is, I realized, my biggest problem : I don’t know what the hell I’m doing on Instagram. I don’t know what aspect of my work I want to show the most and I don’t know what I want out of it.

It is pretty damn cold outside, this I know for sure. So until I figure it out, what I need to do is mull myself some wine and invite real-life-friends over.





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